Rolling Out the Green Carpet:
Oshawa Lawn Care Goes Online

As a new entrant in the competitive lawn care market, Oshawa Lawn Care sought to establish a solid digital footprint with a brand new website. The objective was to create a platform that not only introduced their services to the local market but also set them apart as a provider of premium lawn care solutions.


Being new to the market, Oshawa Lawn Care faced several challenges:

  1. Brand Recognition: Without any existing online presence, the business needed to build brand recognition from the ground up.
  2. Customer Acquisition: The site needed to be persuasive enough to convert visitors into customers in a market with established competitors.
  3. Digital Strategy: As a startup, they required a clear digital strategy for marketing and search engine visibility to generate leads.


We initiated the project with these strategic phases:

  1. Brand Development: We collaborated closely with Oshawa Lawn Care to create a brand identity that reflected their values of quality and trust.
  2. Website Design & Development: The design was centered around user experience, with a focus on a fresh, green, and vibrant theme that represents the essence of lawn care. The website was developed with scalability in mind, allowing for future growth and service expansion.
  3. Content Creation: We crafted compelling content that outlined their services, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on local SEO, we tailored content to rank well for regional queries.
  4. Launch & Promotion: A meticulous launch plan was put in place, ensuring a seamless debut. Post-launch, we engaged in promotion through social media and local directories.


The new website offered:

  • A distinctive brand image with a professional and inviting design.
  • Streamlined navigation and engaging content that clearly communicates their offerings and unique selling propositions.
  • SEO-friendly content strategy to build visibility in local search results.


Since the launch, Oshawa Lawn Care has experienced promising growth:

  • Increased brand awareness in the local market with a strong online identity.
  • A steady growth in traffic with high engagement metrics, reflecting quality content and user experience.
  • Early signs of a successful conversion rate with inquiries and estimates requested through the website.


This project wasn’t just about building a website; it was about planting a digital seed for Oshawa Lawn Care to grow into a flourishing online entity. The website now serves as the primary touchpoint for potential customers and the cornerstone of their digital marketing efforts.

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